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118 Congress Freedom Index 2 (second for this Congress)

118 Congress Freedom Index 1 (First for this Congress)

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Get Us Out of the UN:

Legislative Alert – support the DEFUND Act

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Arizona, Montana Bills Would Protect Local Control Over Law Enforcement

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What Really Happened at COP 28 | JBS News Analysis

Polishing Your Public Image | Activate America

Differences Between Nazism and Communism? | Activate America

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Key Federal Alerts:

Get US Out! of the UN

Get US Out! of the WHO — Support H.R. 79

Defund & Abolish Unconstitutional Federal Law Enforcement

Stop FISA Reauthorization — Support the Fourth Amendment Restoration and Protection Act (S. 3372)

Key State Alerts:

Stop Article V Constitutional Convention Resolutions

Support Nullification to Enforce the Constitution

Restore Election Integrity in the States

Outlaw Subversive Agenda 2030 Schemes

Nullify the WHO’s “Pandemic Treaty” and IHR Amendments